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George Mason University is embarking on a journey to build the ideal experience for Mason students, rooted in the fundamental value of what they want and need. Mason is committed to being a world-class research university that is accessible, inclusive and responsive to the needs of our students.

Our core strength lies in our diverse student body that today includes more working students, more students who are the first in their families to go to college, and more who come from outside of the United States.

We recognize that to best serve all of our students, we must work collectively to envision and achieve a Mason student experience that better accommodates the needs, preferences and expectations of the 21st century university student. In 2016, we began a university-wide effort to improve and modernize our services to ensure that our students receive the education that they deserve and a Mason experience that they will value and never forget.

For Partners and Employers

Serving our students and our community

The Student Experience Redesign Project presents an overarching vision for supporting the success of the Mason student. Mason initiatives such as OVN, ADVANCE, and INTO Mason fulfill project’s charge to better serve our students, accommodate their different lifestyles, and support their journeys toward degree completion.

Redesigning the student experience will help us:

  • Increase the enrollment of high-potential students who contribute to our diversity
  • Increase graduation rates, including raising the six-year graduation rate to 78 percent
  • Improve retention while reducing the time it takes to attain a degree

With more students staying on a path to degree completion, receiving personalized support, and graduating on time, they will be able to more effectively contribute to our regional economy and workforce.

Setting ourselves up for success

The student experience redesign has launched a comprehensive review of our student-facing technologies and processes. It has allowed us to assess gaps in our student services and identify opportunities for improving the ways we respond to student’s needs.

We are embracing the use of data and technology to understand student’s expectations, anticipate their needs, and deliver customized support in a time and place that works best for them. As we work to simplify our processes, we will continue to look for modern, efficient, flexible ways to serve our diverse student body.

For Faculty and Staff

A collaborative approach to student success

The student experience redesign effort has engaged faculty and staff across Mason in thinking about all the elements that make up a student experience from their first interaction with Mason all the way through their graduation. To help us determine how we can better serve our students, we enlisted the support of Blackboard to define the ideal Mason student experience and develop a roadmap to guide us from where we are to where we want to be.



hours of on-campus research


Mason staff and faculty interviews


reports and datasets studied


As a result of this process, six working groups were formed in 2017, tasked with putting into action the ideal Mason student experience. These cross-functional teams include administrators, faculty, leadership, and other Mason staff that are working to achieve a set of goals that will directly and positively influence the Mason student’s journey. The Student Experience Redesign Project is designed to be a three-year plan, but putting our students first will always be a Mason priority. So, we will continue to evaluate, listen, and adjust to make sure all our students have a transformational learning experience.

Visit the Office of Provost’s website to learn more about the Student Experience Redesign.

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For Students and Families

Experience a transformative journey at Mason

The Mason student will experience a harmony of people, processes, and technologies in a transparent and responsive environment, create a deeper sense of belonging, and promote educational success.

A contemporary Mason experience places the students’ needs at the center of its efforts:

Student Care: From enrollment to completion, students should receive proactive and nurturing support that is both seamless and personalized.

Student Access: Students should feel part of an inclusive community of learners and educators, and have access to services and resources that enable their success.

Student Voice: Students should have an active voice in shaping and contributing to Mason’s evolving vision.

The Mason student will be:

  • Captivated by Mason’s specific perspective on the world and the futures it’s determined to create
  • Challenged and transformed by interactions planned and organic
  • Convinced that Mason goes above and beyond to eliminate steps/obstacles that do not relate to their personal growth
  • Impressed with Mason’s flexibility and ability to adjust to their evolving goals and interests
  • Confident that the Mason community has their best interests at heart
  • Inspired by the Mason community – its support, empathy and sacrifice

“It is one of the most important initiatives for the university in the next couple years. Because after all, this is our business. Our business is to deliver that rewarding experience for our students.”

David Wu, Provost and Executive Vice President

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