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The Online Virginia Network (OVN), led by Mason and Old Dominion University (ODU), is a state-supported initiative created to expand educational access for adult and non-traditional learners with some college credits but no degree. As two of the commonwealth’s largest and most diverse universities, Mason and ODU—OVN’s founding partners—are leading the effort to ensure that more
learners have the opportunity to achieve their goals and finish their degrees online.

Despite their increasing participation, earning a bachelor’s degree can present many challenges to adult learners. The daily juggling of family and full-time jobs make classroom attendance difficult, and many individuals have the added obstacle of not living within a convenient distance of a university. Too frequently, adult learners are forced to conform their lives to the traditional classroom model, creating challenges that often lead them to abandon their degree aspirations.

In Virginia, more than a million residents have started college coursework but stopped short of earning a degree.

The Online Virginia Network was designed to help these students finish what they started and achieve their educational goals. OVN brings a selection of Mason and ODU online programs to one web portal, allowing busy adult learners to find and enroll in high-demand degree programs and finish their bachelor’s degrees online. Students can choose from a range of degrees. All programs are available via online delivery, which means less time commuting and more time learning.

For Partners and Employers

Mason and Old Dominion University (ODU) have launched the Online Virginia Network (OVN), a state-supported initiative that will simplify the enrollment process and make it easier for more Virginians to complete their undergraduate degrees online. Mason and ODU – OVN’s founding partners and two of the commonwealth’s largest and most diverse universities – are taking on this challenge to enable learners to resume their educational journey and be part of Virginia’s future workforce.

Increasing the number of Virginia’s degree completers has implications for the state’s economy. By 2020, 67 percent of Virginia’s jobs will require some form of post-secondary education. Expanding higher education opportunities will ensure that Virginia has an educated workforce prepared to meet critical job demands.

Through this online education partnership between Mason and ODU, the Online Virginia Network hosts 37 college programs in high-demand areas, such as cybersecurity, business, computer science, engineering technology, human services, teacher preparation and nursing.

Visit the Online Virginia Network to learn more.

For Faculty and Staff

Here at Mason, our Strategic Plan commits us to “provide multiple pathways and delivery formats to serve the needs of different students” (Goal 2). The Online Virginia Network (OVN) was developed to help accomplish this goal by making it easier for students to finish their degrees online.

Online programs are increasingly an effective medium of delivery and an increasingly popular gateway to higher education. Online programs offer a host of opportunities allowing universities to customize learning experiences and pathways, and adapt to the needs of adult learners. As a university that serves a diverse student body, it is critical that we provide alternative delivery methods for our students who are working and balancing family demands while pursuing a degree.

Mason and ODU are working together to:

  • Offer flexible online courses, outreach services and financial aid support
  • Assure seamless articulation of programs for degree completion
  • Create a standardized approval process for transfer credit
  • Guide students through the registration process
  • Provide easy enrollment online
  • Enable student understanding of online course offerings and course plans

Interested in taking your program online? Contact the Office of Digital Learning for more information.


Undergrads over 25
working while enrolled
Raising children

For Students and Their Families

Earning a bachelor’s degree is hard work. Balancing your education with the demands of work and family, often feels impossible – especially in a traditional classroom environment.

The Online Virginia Network (OVN) was created to make finishing your degree easier. Launched by Mason and Old Dominion University (ODU), OVN will simplify the enrollment process and make it easier for more Virginians to complete their undergraduate degrees online.

OVN offers programs that will fit into your busy life and schedule. The jobs of the future will require you to have a bachelor’s degree – we want to help prepare you for the future by making it easier for you to enroll today.

Mason and ODU have long histories of serving non-traditional students –adult learners and military-affiliated students are valuable members of our communities. We are both strategically located in Virginia to serve military bases and civilian federal employees and have extensive experience working with these sectors.

OVN brings a selection of 37 college programs to one web portal. We offer programs in high demand areas such as cybersecurity, business, computer science, engineering technology, human services, teacher preparation and nursing.

OVN Student Benefits:

  • High-quality degree programs in disciplines with a heightened need for skilled workers
  • Affordable online coursework which upends the traditional classroom model and offers flexibility for students to create a schedule which works for them
  • A single access point for scheduling, registering, and advising
  • A cost calculator that allows for personalized estimates of the cost of finishing a degree

For more information about the Online Virginia Network or to enroll for 2018-19, visit:

“By George Mason and Old Dominion joining forces, Virginians now have greater access to college programs from two of the Commonwealth’s largest public research universities. These online programs will offer the same high-quality faculty, courses and support as on-campus programs.”

Ángel Cabrera, Mason President

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