Pathbreakers Webinar Series: “Blending Apprenticeships and Bootcamps”

October 23, 1:00 – 1:30 pm, via WebEx (link will be sent via email the day prior to the event)

Most boot camps charge students, even those with a university degree, to take on more education as a ticket to entering the workforce. Is that fair?  We will talk with Heather Terenzio, CEO of Techtonic, a new kind of boot camp and business model that seeks to empower women, minorities and underserved communities, promising them a way to earn while they learn via corporate apprenticeships. Heather will provide some powerful insights into how to build and manage a corporate apprenticeship programs for some key segments of the Mason community.

If you are interested in asking Heather about her experience creating apprenticeships that work to help women and disadvantaged communities get to exciting careers, please consider submitting a question to:

Here are just a few of the questions we’ll discuss:

  1. Where are boot camps most successful in helping people from traditionally disadvantaged backgrounds achieve compelling careers?
  2. Are boot camps only for the technically savvy? How do those with a liberal arts background fare in boot camps?
  3. What is key to creating a successful  apprenticeship? What do companies look for in the apprentices they hire?
  4. What role should a university play in teaching the kinds of skills you teach in the private sector, at Techtonic?

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