P3•EDU Conference 2019 (Invitation-Only)


Higher education institutions in the United States face a number of fundamental challenges to their business model. To address these challenges, colleges and universities are increasingly entering into long-term contractual relationships with private partners to drive innovation, improve student outcomes and generate new sources of revenue.

While these relationships offer many potential benefits, they also come with risks and, despite the high stakes at play, there are limited opportunities for higher education institutions to gain broad exposure to vendor options and share best practices related to private sector partnerships.

Presently, the only conferences that address public-private partnerships in higher education are either:

  • University gatherings where P3 relationships are addressed peripherally (e.g. EDUCAUSE, NACUBO, OLC, NAFSA, ACE, etc.), or
  • Ed-Tech events that focus on investors & private companies with relatively small participation from traditional higher education (e.g. ASU-GSV, NY Ed Tech Week, etc.)


Attendance at P3•EDU is by invitation only. The goal is to bring together around 250 “decision makers” from a broad array of US universities (and select non-US universities) exploring, or engaged in, public-private partnerships. While invitees will not be dictated by title alone, the intent is for participation to be limited to university executive leaders (Presidents, Provosts, CFOs, VPs, etc). Speakers and panelists shall be composed of a mix of representatives from universities and private companies engaged in public-private partnerships.

Conference Details

Target Attendees: ~250 executives (or designee) from public and non-profit colleges & universities; ~60 executives from leading private companies offering partnership services for universities

Areas of Focus: Online Program Management, Student Housing, International Pathways, Student Recruitment & Retention, Student Finance, Bootcamps, Corporate Partnerships, Campus Real Estate & Infrastructure

Format: Panel sessions & keynote speakers over one and a half days

Cost: $495 registration fee for university participants; $1,995 for non-university participants

Dates/Agenda: Monday April 29 – welcome reception; Tuesday April 30 – all day; Wednesday May 1 – morning ½ day

Location: George Mason University, Arlington Campus (5 min from Washington DC)

Website: www.p3edu.com

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